Wedding, Baby, Deployment

This was originally posted on August 29, 2011, so this is mostly old news. 

But our story isn’t complete without it!
Since a lot has been happening lately and the next year is going to be pretty crazy, I thought I’d start a blog to keep anyone who’s interested up to date. I’m not sure how often I’ll post since I’m doing this from a 4″ screen on my cell phone, so I’ll just jampack a lot of information into this post. Here goes.
Our first piece of big news: On July 30, Zach and I got married. We had a very small, beautiful ceremony at our church in Van Wert. We were so happy to share our special day with our closest family and friends and we thank all of you who were able to make it on such short notice! After we receive our pictures from the photographer I’ll post more, until then, here’s one.
Now for our not so big news, we moved from Van Wert to Delphos. I work at Verizon in Delphos and Zach was working at Old West Woods in Elida so it made more sense to live closer to both of our jobs. We are renting an apartment and love [almost] everything about it – it’s on the 3rd floor. We painted our living room navy, our kitchen red and hallway cream. We’ve picked out colors for the bedrooms and bathroom, but completely lost motivation after 5 coats of paint. I’ll post pictures of the apartment…as soon as I find a way to keep it clean for 5 minutes with a toddler running around.
And finally, for our biggest news (which you’ve probably already guessed from the title of this post), we’re having a baby! Kaden will become a big brother sometime around March 22, 2012. He’s already very excited that there is a baby in mommy’s belly that he will hold soon – not to mention he’s convinced that every woman he sees has a baby in her belly (and has no problem asking any random person if there is). We had our first ultrasound on July 23rd and Zach was able to be there. 🙂
I’m pretty sure Zach and Kaden were equally fascinated with the fact that the little gummy bear looking creature was actually moving in there. The baby is growing just fine and his/her heartbeat was 174bpm. I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I’ll try to update after that.
And for the sad news. We have 16 days left before the deployment actually begins. On September 15th, Zach’s unit will mobilize and will be in the states until after Christmas. Sometime in January he’ll fly into Afghanistan and will be there until late next year. As of right now, we’re not sure if he will be home for Christmas, but he will be home sometime next year [hopefully] around when the baby is due. Until then, we’ll do our best with pictures. 🙂 I’m also pretty sure that a toddler and growing belly will keep me pretty busy until I have two little ones to worry about.
Zach will have limited computer access while he’s in Afghanistan, so I’ll definitely be updating regularly then – ultrasound pictures gross him out, so get ready to see a bunch! (He gets to live almost every man’s dream and be half world away from his crazy, hormonal, pregnant wife. I’ve gotta get even with him somehow!)
Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I’ll try to make future posts more exciting.

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