Ready, Set, Go.

Zach left this morning for Afghanistan.  So, communication will be more limited from now on…I’m hoping for an email by the end of the week & I’ll be updating as soon as I know he made it there safe!  It’s definitely going to take some time to get used to not being able to talk to him everyday, but it means we’re one step closer to the end of this deployment.  I’m sending his first care package (Valentine’s Day themed – I’ll post pictures of it after it gets to him) out tomorrow and am planning on sending one every month til he’s home.  If any of you want to send something, need to know items he wants or where to send it, just let me know!

We haven’t had too much excitement in the past 3 weeks since Zach left.  We have about 8 weeks left until Irelyn should be here and I just ordered her carseat last week.  My baby shower is in 3 weeks and I think we’ll be ready for her after that! [I’m ready to be done with this pregnancy now, but I’ll suck it up for a couple more months 🙂 ]

Zach & I decided that after Irelyn is born, I will be a stay at home mom until he’s back home!  It wouldn’t be very beneficial to us if I work part time, so I’m very excited about being able to spend more time with Kaden & Irelyn.  I have been looking for a new babysitter for Kaden for the past week and have decided that Kaden will stay with my Aunt Heidi (his “Duh“) while I’m working until the end of February.  I’ll be starting maternity leave in just 5 more weeks and I’m looking forward to having a few weeks to devote to Kaden before his sister arrives.  Kaden talks about Zach every day now [I think he’s just as tired of Zach being gone as we are].  He makes supper for him and talks about wanting to snuggle with him at bedtime.  He’s been a great little helper these past few weeks and even brings me Kleenex when I need them 🙂

Kaden & I had a movie night early this morning [not my idea].  We spent 3+ hours of the night awake because he had a fever.  So, we watched Cars and since Zach wasn’t getting any sleep either, we got to spend quite a while on the phone…which definitely made the lack of sleep worth it.  Kaden’s been doing better today and only had a slight fever before going to bed – I’m praying we actually get some sleep tonight.
I’ll post again as soon as I hear from Zach – that one should be a little more interesting & organized [between the lack of sleep, pregnancy & Zach leaving, my brain isn’t quite working right today].
Here’s a couple pictures from the morning Zach left after Christmas.

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