Best. Phone call. Ever.

Zach called at 6:30pm our time last night (it was almost 6am Tuesday morning where he is, so they’re about 11 hours ahead).  It was great to hear his voice & know that he made it there safe.  He’s not quite to Afghanistan yet, but he’s close.  Hopefully within the next week or so he will have internet access and will be able to talk to everyone more [til then my phone is permanently glued to my hand].  I also received a box of Zach’s stuff that he didn’t need to take overseas [including the first card/letter from him since he’s left!].  I included lots of paper & envelopes (he gets free postage), so there’s a better chance he’ll write more to everyone while he’s gone :]
About 3 months ago Zach and I talked to our landlord about wanting to move to a 3 bedroom apartment if one became available – I got a letter yesterday that we got one!  We’ll be moving in the middle of February, so I have lots of packing/unpacking to do before Irelyn gets here.

We’ll be moving from the one on the left to the one on the right.

And now that Irelyn will have her very own bedroom….I picked out the theme for her room last night!
I don’t know what Zach will think about the Owl theme, but we’ll see :]

Kaden’s feeling better today.  I took him to the doctor yesterday and found out he has tonsillitis.  Finally, after his antibiotic and more Tylenol, he slept all night!  His cough is pretty bad, but hopefully he’ll start feeling better soon.  I’ll update more once I hear from Zach again!


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