Keeping my sanity.

Today is the 4th day that I have had off work.  Besides 4 weeks after Kaden was born & the 3 months I spent looking for a job after moving, I haven’t worked less than 30 hours per week since I had Kaden.  So, when the only adult contact I have for the day is while I’m dropping off a package at the post office or stopping by the grocery store, I will probably end up blogging…a lot.  Luckily, Kaden is a good kid and listens 90% of the time, so he really doesn’t make me too crazy.  I just need something more to do than Facebook and watching the 300+ channels on our TV that never seem to be showing anything good.

On the plus side, Kaden is feeling much better.  His cough still wakes him up at night, but he’s definitely got his attitude back…

Zach should be in Afghanistan now.  Their flight left earlier today, so I’m not sure when we’ll hear from him again – it’ll still be a little while before he’s done moving around so much.

Remember, every time you go days, weeks, and months without hearing from your loved one, you appreciate their voice a little bit more than you did before, as do they. As much as it’s eating you up inside, it’s tearing them apart too. Hang in there, if not for you, for the one you love. – DD


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