Coupon Crazy

Or maybe just plain crazy.  At least til I get the hang of this.  I started clipping coupons a couple of months ago, but haven’t had the time/motivation to really figure it all out.

Since Zach first left for training a few months ago, I’ve had one similar type conversation countless times, so I’ve decided to add couponing to my “things to learn while he’s deployed” list.  The conversation usually starts out with innocent questions about the baby, my due date, etc.  Then takes a quick turn when whatever stranger I’m talking to asks “Is the father excited?” (this is when they take a quick look at my left hand)  You mean, my husband?  I’m never entirely sure what kind of answer they’re looking for with the question; and why is it their business?
This is usually when my crazy hormones kick in and I say something along the lines of “Well, I’m sure he’d much rather be at home with us than off fighting a war, but yes….he’s excited about our first child together.”  I could probably just stick with a simple “yes“, but they quickly make me regret my answer once the questions of “how do you do it?” or “I wouldn’t  have let him deploy” (…believe me, I didn’t tell him to get on that bus and go) start.  When I finally find a way to end the conversation, they usually follow up with something like “well at least you have this time to spend focusing on yourself“.

So, in order to help me keep my mouth shut after the last statement, I’ve started a list of “things to learn while he’s deployed”.  I’m not saying it’s a bad idea and I know they really do mean well with their advice.  And while I definitely need something to keep me busy while he’s gone, I’d still prefer to be too busy being a wife and mom of 2 little ones to have time for it.

My list so far:

1. Couponing (since I’m staying at home, my goal is to cut down our grocery budget by at least $150 per month)
2. Cooking (I’m not a bad cook, I can make quite a few things and baking is the only time I have trouble burning stuff, but I’d like to have more of a variety of things to choose from for dinner once Zach’s home)
3. Budgeting (we have a certain amount we’d like to have in our savings account at the end of this deployment, which will be used to help us get a new car and a down payment on a house whenever we move.  My goal is to be able to budget everything we spend so that we can save even more than we planned on)

Today, I got to work on number one.

After this Sunday’s paper, I’ll actually plan out our shopping trip for next week and post how successful it was.  And of course, Kaden had to help with the sorting.

As Zach posted on Facebook this morning, he is in Afghanistan!  Hopefully he’ll be at the FOB before too long and we’ll be able to talk more.  Kaden has been asking why Zach hasn’t been in the “puter” lately (Skype).  

Well, Kaden is attempting to “do dishes” by himself, which could mean a major disaster for our kitchen.  So, I’ll update again soon!


2 thoughts on “Coupon Crazy

  1. Our family appreciates what your husband is doing for this country! Your definitely a strong person to be going through this. My sister’s husband is about to go for his second deployment, and she is due for their first baby in July. She’s going crazy! But good luck with the coupons. You’ll have to share any secrets you pick up.. I’d love to learn:)
    Thanks for sharing!

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