If pregnancy hormones weren’t enough…

…then my 3 year old will definitely make sure I’m crazy by the time Zach comes home.  Between the 5 pound little ball of energy bouncing on my bladder [so much that I’m considering moving the computer to the bathroom for the next 6 weeks] and the 3 year old monster that has to get out of his bed a minimum of four five times a night before actually going to sleep, I’m going to be needing a very long vacation for my sanity by the time fall is here [so this is why it takes two people to make a baby…]

It seems like the day I started the 34th week of pregnancy, my body decided that it had had enough.  I have been fortunate with both of my pregnancies – besides being uncomfortable, it’s not until close to the end that it really starts to get painful.  But, since this week began, I’ve had the joys of horrible back pain, morning night sickness (which seems to begin the moment it gets dark outside & magically disappear when the sun rises), lovely “practice” contractions, a baby who likes to put a hand on each of my hips, a foot on each side of my ribs and see how far she can stretch, and a whole bunch of other aches in places I didn’t even know could hurt [do you know how many muscles it actually takes to roll over in bed?].

Oh well.  I’ve only got about 6 weeks (or less!) left and I have it easier than a lot of women during pregnancy, so I’m thankful.  I am definitely having some crazy mood swings again (Zach will remember those from the 1st trimester…) and customer service is probably not the best field to be working in these last few weeks.  Although I’m nowhere near as shy as I was before Kaden was born, I usually keep my feelings/opinions to myself when it comes to strangers or topics that may start arguments.  Apparently, my lack of patience prohibits me from being able to always keep my thoughts to myself these days.

Today has been one of those days.  Somehow, I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut about the one subject that has been at the top of my list today: certain people’s inability to put effort into their “parenting”.  Maybe it’s a mom thing, but I’m a mom no matter how near or far my children are from me – just because someone else is taking care of him doesn’t mean I’m exempt from being a parent.  My kids always come first, so when I see how someone’s parenting is affecting my child, it drives me crazy.  But, this topic could be an entire post in itself, so I’ll save this one for another hormonal day.

Kaden has been doing a good job at testing the little bit of patience I have left tonight.  He’s now been out of bed seven times for various reasons….
1.  He needed to know what was on his ceiling (the smoke alarm – he asks this question every night)
2.  “Mommy, I just can’t stay in my bed” (Yes. You can. You’ve only been trying for 2 minutes.)
3.  “My blankets are making me sweaty” (…..so take one off.)
4.  “I need a kleenex” (this was to dry his “tears” from his attempt at crying to get me to go in there)
5.  “Mommy, I just really miss Zach. I want him to come home” (he finally got smart and tried to be sweet.  Yes, this one made me sad & halfway worked cause I snuggled with him for a few minutes…I tried to convince him Zach wants him to go to sleep too and he’s been in bed for record breaking 6 minutes now!)

We haven’t gotten to talk to Zach today – I talked to him on Facebook for about 5 minutes last night, but haven’t talked to him very much in the past few days.  Kaden’s used to talking to him every day, so not being able to has been hard for him to get used to.   He bought internet for his computer for the month, so hopefully we’ll hear more from him soon.

Well, Kaden will be going to his dad’s tomorrow to spend the weekend, so I’ll post again after I talk to Zach.


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