7 Weeks!

I’m obviously not very good at being a mother of 2 AND blogging.  That may or may not improve once being a wife finally becomes more than a couple hour a day job.  By the time I take care of both kids throughout the day and they are in bed for the night (or for a few hours in Irelyn’s case), I don’t have the motivation to make my brain work hard enough to write.  Anything I did write by that time probably wouldn’t make sense anyway.  I’ve got some exciting news though…we actually have a pretty good idea of when Zach will be home!  I can’t post much on here, but we are definitely getting closer now…and our paper chain is getting shorter 🙂

Unfortunately, time seems to go so much slower the closer we get to the end of this deployment – and pacing the hall with a fussy baby and staring at family pictures definitely doesn’t help much.  But, we’re finally getting close enough that we can actually start to make plans for after he’s home and I can clean/organize and there’s a slight chance I won’t have to re-do it before he gets here. 🙂

Irelyn is 7 weeks old today!

She’s grown so much and is starting to show her personality (& her temper from her daddy…).  She’s very happy and smiley in the mornings and likes to scream and cry from 6pm-8pm every night.  Thankfully, she limits the screaming to the daytime and only wakes up a few times per night to eat.
Here are a few things I’ve learned about Irelyn’s personality so far:
1.   She’s stubborn and strong willed.  And she definitely isn’t afraid to let the entire world know when she’s unhappy.
2.  She loves to be talked to…and hates having to sit and entertain herself for more than a minute or two
3.  I never have to wonder what kind of mood she’s in.  When she’s upset, it’s like her world is ending.  But, when she’s happy, she’s absolutely adorable and makes every frustrating minute more than worth it.
4.  She HATES her carseat.  The second I put her in it she screams and she could literally go on for hours.  She’s not one of those babies you drive around the block in the middle of the night if they won’t stop crying.
5.  She’s has a pretty good combination of mine and her Daddy’s personalities…so, she’s perfect 🙂
6.  There’s more, but she’s waking up and will probably be ready to scream by the time I click “publish”.

Her two month appointment is on May 16th, so I’ll update her weight and length on my next post (hopefully I’ll get around to that sooner than this one).  Kaden lovesbeing a big brother.  He tells me multiple times each day that he likes having a sister and that he “loves Iiiire-wyn”.  Kaden is definitely one of Irelyn’s favorite people, all it takes is for him to talk to her and she’s smiling and talking.  There’s just one thingdoesn’t like about Irelyn…

Even when she’s crying he’s still pretty sweet (for the first few minutes at least).  He usually gives her her paci, tries to hold it in her mouth (whether she wants it or not) or tells her that he can’t hear the TV and to please be quiet.  When none of those options work, he covers his ears and whines – this makes 6pm-8pm a very stressful couple of hours and would be the reason my brain is too fried to try to blog after they’re both sleeping like angels.

Well, it’s time for me to get Kaden in bed for his nap before Irelyn wakes up and thinks she’s starving.  I’ll put more pictures in my next post!


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