Dairy Free

Irelyn had her 2 month checkup this past Wednesday.  She is now 11lb 9oz (up 4 pounds since birth), 22 1/2 inches (grown 2 inches) and her head circumference is 15 1/2 (1 3/4 inches).  Her doctor said she’s growing perfectly!  She’s been smiling, cooing and trying to laugh for the past few weeks – she’s always giggling in her sleep, but she can’t quite figure out how to do it while she’s awake.  If Kaden gets too loud while she’s trying to “talk” she has started yelling/squealing and Kaden claps his hands at her if she cries for too long (more than 30 seconds).  They’re going to be a handful as they get older.

After some issues with Irelyn’s dirty diapers, her doctor said that she most likely has a milk protein allergy.  Since I’m breastfeeding, I have to eliminate all dairy from my diet to see if it fixes the problem.  Unfortunately, just about every food I love contains dairy (chocolate, cheese, mashed potatoes, a lot of breads, ranch, coffee creamer, cereal…and once again, chocolate).  So I’m starting a list of recipes of my favorite foods that are dairy free.

1. Mashes Potatoes

2. Ranch Dressing

3. Buckeyes

4. Nutella

5. Pasta E Fagioli (mostly for the sauce…I can only find one brand of dairy free sauce at Walmart and it’s almost $3.00)

And here’s a list of dairy free substitutes!  I’ve also pretty much fallen in love with this blog.  Every one of her recipes are dairy free & she has TONS of chocolate recipes.

I obviously have a junk food problem so I know this new diet will be a good thing 🙂 I’ve eaten more fruits and vegetables in the past two days than I had in a week and my 3 year old is slowly accepting the fact that there isn’t much junk around for him to eat now (although he has definitely made me aware he’s not happy that his cookies disappeared from the snack drawer).

Well, we’ve got plans for the night and I should probably get things around before both kids decide naptime is over.


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