Day 1 – Junk Drawer

Somehow I managed to lose the before pictures I had taken of our junk drawer & junk basket – so you’ll just have to imagine a complete disaster for the before picture.

I’m really not sure how candy bars fit in with the vitamins, but at least I can find everything now!  After I finished, Kaden told me he was so proud and that he likes our clean house 🙂

Just to help make this post a little longer (& hopefully more interesting) here’s an update on the kids.

Kaden – He is still loving being a big brother, besides occasionally running away when Irelyn is screaming.  We’ve been working on his ABC’s and writing his name to get him ready for preschool – he’s very excited to start this fall after Zach comes home (& he has told every cashier at the grocery store this).  A couple of weeks ago he fell and cut his arm on the corner of a small dry erase board he likes to color on…he didn’t freak out too much so when he walked over with blood dripping off his arm I almost panicked!  It was the first time he had ever cut himself, so I called my aunt (Kaden’s Duh) to help me look at it.  We ended up having his doctor clean it and glue it back together (this happened the same day as Irelyn’s 2 month shots, so I had 2 screaming children in the doctor’s office…).  He is doing much better now and is showing everyone he sees that his boo-boo is getting “allll better”.

Irelyn – She is doing much better with my dairy free diet – I actually screwed up this weekend and had some dairy by accident and she’s been screaming from gas pains all day 😦  She’s growing and learning so fast…I keep telling her to slow down so that her daddy can enjoy her being so little.  She’s getting use to tummy time a little more and she loves to smile and “talk”.  Especially to her big brother.  Over the past few nights she has slept a 7 hour, 6 hour and 5 hour stretch at night.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that at least the 5 hour stretch will last.

Well, she is starting to wake up and if I don’t get to her before she cries I’ll have another little one back out of his bed.  Tomorrow I’ll post about our computer desk!


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