Day 2 – Computer Desk

With Zach being in Afghanistan, I obviously spend a lot of time on and off the computer.  So it’s usually pretty cluttered between my daily coffee, pacifiers, water bottles, burp rags and Kaden’s drawings.  Organizing all of it was way overdue and I’m actually excited to sort through and file the stack of mail tomorrow.

Here’s the before picture:

And this is after:

Fortunately, these first two days have been pretty easy with tasks that only take 15 minutes…I’m slightly dreading days 4 & 5 (kitchen cabinets & linen closet) which I know won’t be quite as easy.  But it’ll be worth it to have a very clean house by the time Zach is home – and I might be able to convince him I became much more organized while he’s been gone.

In other news…I am taking monthly pictures of Irelyn (I try to take the picture on the 16th of each month, but so far I’ve been a week late both months) so here are the two pictures we’ve taken so far.

I didn’t do pictures like this with Kaden, so it’s amazing to see how she’s growing and changing each month.  For her 1st birthday I’m going to make a collage of the photos and frame it for her room.  Here’s where I got the “month” printables 🙂

Even though she has lost her newborn looks, she’s still practically a clone of her daddy…their smiles and eyes are identical.

And one last one of my babies 🙂

I have now succeeded in posting for the past 3 nights straight!  I’ll try for four tomorrow – although I’m not sure how interesting I can make my mail sorting process sound, so you may just want to check back on Friday.  Because of the fact that Kaden helps put dishes away, the kitchen cabinets post is bound to be more entertaining.

And one of my newest favorite quotes:

“Throughout all of your ups and downs together, through all of the fights and moments of failure, you must remember that you are one another’s gift. God has given you the gift of your wife, God has given you the gift of your husband, and you must always honor that gift.”



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