Day 13 – Toy Organization

This project is the one I was dreading most (along with the master closet which I’m planning on starting this weekend).  It went surprisingly well and Kaden loved helping label everything.  I’m very happy with how his room looks now and he’s been putting his toys away in the right places for the past two days 🙂

Now, BEFORE you look at these pictures… let me warn you that I did forget to take the “before” picture before I started doing anything.  I had already moved toys (with Kaden’s help) and cleaned off the bed before I realized I hadn’t take a picture.  These pictures are worse than his room actually looked by the end of each day, but they just make the finished product look that much better 😉

…….and here’s after!

It turned out even better than I thought it would.  The room looks a little smaller with the bed where it is now, but there’s more room to store toys and I don’t have to climb in the toy box to put his laundry away 🙂

My other exciting news for the day is that I ordered a sewing machine!! (…I remember watching my mom sew when I was a kid – I never thought I’d be so excited about sewing) It will be here early next week and I’ve got  a list of projects that I’m going to begin working on (reusable nursing pads, cloth diaper inserts, cloth wipes and burp rags), I’m already planning a modified “28 day challenge” for sewing projects!

Well, tomorrow’s task is the medicine cabinet (which is actually just a basket) and grocery shopping.  Here’s one last picture of Kaden in his clean room!  Somehow this kid manages to sleep with every item on his bed, plus about 6 blankets you can’t see folded up at the bottom.  I always have to double check to be sure I’m kissing his head (not Mickey’s) when I check on him at night.


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