Days 14 & 15 – Medicine Cabinet and Under Bathroom Sink

Yesterday’s project was the medicine cabinet.  However…after only getting about 4 hours of interrupted sleep, a 4 minute long shower with two kids whining during 3 minutes of it and not eating breakfast until 11am (we got up at 6am), I decided that the medicine cabinet basket could stay disorganized for now.  Or forever for all I care.  So, on to day 14. 🙂

After finding a leak under the kitchen sink, I was slightly nervous when I started cleaning under the bathroom sink today.  Luckily, all I found was a disorganized mess (which I’m obviously use to!).

….and here are the pictures.

I found make up I didn’t know I had and a new shower curtain liner that I forgot I bought!  I’m most excited about the fact that there won’t be an avalanche of beauty products falling onto my feet when I reach in for the hair dryer (that’s what usually wakes Irelyn up if she’s actually allowing me 20 minutes to temporarily wash the spit up out of my hair).

Kaden is spending this weekend with his dad in Indy, so Irelyn and I are going to try to brave the heat and clean out Zach’s truck in the morning.  The temperatures are supposed to be in the 90’s all week and we are now in a moderate drought.  I’d much rather deal with the hot weather and one kid that can’t move anywhere on her own, than 2 kids and have to watch for the stupid drivers that fly in our apartment complex at 30mph.

Besides cleaning the truck, our weekend plans are to relax and go to church with my parents on father’s day, then to pick Kaden up on Sunday evening.  Irelyn will be 3 months tomorrow, so I’ll be posting her 3 month picture soon! 🙂


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