I’ve become pretty addicted to pinterest over the past few months.  I’ve found lots of good ideas during the hours I’ve wasted after the kids are in bed.  So I decided to try out a couple of the things I have found.

First, I came across some cute month by month printables and have been taking Irelyn’s picture each month.  Here are the past 3 months…I can’t believe how fast she’s growing!

She’s getting better at these pictures, but now that she can move around a little more I had a hard time getting her to look at me long enough to snap a picture.  I managed to get one good shot when she wasn’t tipping from side to side or staring at her hands. 🙂

Second, I was looking for father’s day gift ideas on pinterest.  I found another printable that I framed and some crepe paper flowers I decided to make.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, we’ll see what my dad thinks tomorrow. 🙂

I completely took advantage of only having one child today and spent the entire day relaxing.  I guess we’ll be cleaning Zach’s truck out next week!  It was so nice being able to do absolutely nothing while Irelyn napped off and on all day, but I miss Kaden and am definitely ready to go pick him up tomorrow.

Tonight is the first night I’m going to put Irelyn in her crib for the night…she’s slept in her crib for a total of two hours in her life so this will probably be a long night for both of us.  I’ll post on Monday about how long we last. 🙂


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