Irelyn’s 1st Birthday [Rainbows & Clovers!]

Since Irelyn’s birthday is on March 16 (almost St. Patrick’s Day) and we’re part Irish, we chose a rainbow & clover theme for her 1st birthday party.  The goal was to save as much money as we could on decorations and food – especially since she won’t remember it anyway – so I got most of my ideas from Pinterest!  It’s been almost 6 months since her birthday, so I’ve lost some of the links to the other blogs I borrowed ideas from, but I will do my best to give credit for everything.

We did a cake smash photo shoot in our kitchen a few weeks before the party.  This was the first time she had ever had a cupcake or frosting (I had to make special dairy/egg free cupcakes for her) and she loved them!  Many of them were blurry, but I got quite a few good shots.

Irelyn's bday pics


Below are pictures from the party, I’ll add a list at the bottom with links to all of the treats/decorations!

A few pictures from before the party…


Rainbow cupcakes, Oreo Brownie cupcakes, and Lucky Charm Trail Mix


Pictures with family…


More pictures with family!


The cake!  Kaden refused to be a part of the “family” photo; he’d had his fill of pictures by the end of the party.


And this is the only face Zach will make for a picture by himself!



Here are links to all of the goodies pictured above – in no particular order:

1.  Rainbow Cupcakes
2.  Lucky Charm Trail Mix
3.  Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats (not pictured above, but they were yummy – we didn’t make a Christmas tree, just squares)
4.  Cupcake Circle Printable
5.  Oreo Brownie Cupcakes
6.  Crockpot BBQ Meatballs (we also used this recipe for mini hot dogs and they turned out great!)
7.  Printable LUCKY Banner
8.  Irelyn’s Birthday Outfit (this is the link to where I got the idea from.  Zach’s aunt offered to embroider the clover and “I” onto a onesie we bought, we already had rainbow leggings and I made the bow for her hair)

We also had a rainbow assortment of fruits & veggies, chips and probably a couple of other things I can’t remember;  we had plenty of leftovers.

Her party was a great success.  Everything turned out the way I was hoping, it gave all of our family a chance to see our new house and Irelyn & Kaden both had a great time.  Now we’re hoping for the same with Kaden’s 5th birthday party!  We will be having his birthday a few weeks early (so that he’ll get to have his special day just in case baby Lily decides to enter the world a little early), so I’ll be getting a head start on planning within the next month.  As of right now, meaning: until he changes his mind next week, we’re thinking of a LEGO or “Movie night” theme (popcorn in special tubs for snacks, movie theater candy, ticket themed invitations, etc.).  It’s not easy steering him away from the superhero themes, but it’s so much more fun planning a party like this than going to Walmart and buying all of the Spiderman decorations.


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