My 2nd water birth (+ labor cookies)

Camryn’s Birth Story (to read about my 1st water birth, click here!)

My original due date was December 11th.  I had my 38 week check up on November 28th, my doctor stripped my membranes and I was 1-2 cm.  At 38 weeks 4 days with Irelyn, the membrane sweep was enough to put me into labor.  I decided to go home and make a batch of the labor cookies I had made just before I had Irelyn.  I’m still not convinced they work, but they’re yummy and she was born 2 days later!

On Saturday, November 30th, I started having some regular contractions throughout the day that had slowly become more painful by 7:30pm when I was putting Kaden & Irelyn to bed.  By 8:00pm we called Zach’s dad so that we could head to the hospital.  We were checked into labor & delivery around 9:00pm, my contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart, and I was 3-4cm.  My doctor had me admitted at 10:00pm and we called my doula (I was blessed to be able to have the same doula that attended Irelyn’s birth while Zach was deployed).
My birth plan was the same as with Irelyn:

  • walk, use the birthing ball, and move around until I couldn’t handle the pain any longer
  • get in the water to help ease the pain until it was too late for an epidural

Basically, I wanted to trick myself into a natural birth.  Again.  I walked the halls for an hour and my contractions had been 2 minutes apart and much more intense.  I was checked at 11:00pm and I was already 7-8cm!  I was in shock because I still felt 100% normal in between contractions.  We filled the tub, I got comfortable and we all assumed she’d be here by midnight.  I mean, transition usually only lasts 10-20 contractions according to the books, right?  Stupid books.  At 3:00am, I was still 8-9cm.  I had gotten out of the water by midnight and spent hours trying to help move things along.  My doctor finally broke my water between 4-5:00am and I got back in the tub soon after.  My doctor put the gown on for round two just before 6:00am and at 6:12am, Camryn was born.  I’m still amazed by how painless my labor was.  The only time I really wanted pain meds was the very last 1/2 cm and of course I questioned my sanity while pushing (I’m never having another baby, unfortunately I haven’t been lucky enough to forget how painful natural birth is…).

She was the smallest of my three kids and worth every moment of pain.
Camryn Elisabeth Ruth
6lb 15oz
20 inches

She’s the easiest, happiest baby I could ever ask for and absolutely completed our family.  She’s turned into quite a chubby little girl at almost 7 months.


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