Saying goodbye to the pacifier.

It took 7 different brands of pacifiers before Irelyn finally found one she liked when she was 2 weeks old.  Since Zach was deployed when she was born and I was raising two kids on my own, her colic and the need to suck on my finger all night would have made me crazy if I hadn’t found a pacifier she’d tolerate.

This was her first paci.

Precious, right?

Now she’s 2 and it’s starting to affect her teeth and I’m realizing I REALLY should have taken it away at least a year ago.

So, that precious sleeping baby turned into a terrifying, screaming monster when we decided it was past time to give up the paci. I had a brilliant idea of taking her to the store, letting her pick out a toy, and paying for that toy with her pacifier.  It kind of worked.  She picked out a Dora doll, sat her pacifier on the register, nervously said “…bye paci…” and we walked out the door.  (Obviously, I grabbed it after she looked away – I’m not completely crazy.)

I also chose that same night to move her from her crib to her toddler bed.  Needless to say, it was a pretty traumatic bedtime.  She didn’t realize she was missing something til I had turned off her light and shut her door.  She screamed, cried, coughed, gagged, and almost threw up.  That’s where I drew the line – I can’t handle puke and Zach works 3rd shift.  Side note: 5 days later and she hasn’t climbed out of her bed once, she lazily calls for me when she wakes up so I can carry her downstairs.

After that night I decided she could have it only to sleep.  It hasn’t left her room in almost 5 days now and I’ve slowly been cutting the tip off of it.  She tells everyone, “Paci broke. Dr fix it?”.

photo (26)The goal is to lose it at bedtime this weekend.  Wish me luck — and comment with any tips/experience/wine recommendations you have.  It’s going to be a long weekend.



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