Old habits die hard

I’m still a procrastinator – it’s been over 3 weeks since my last post! (and I don’t even have the excuse of working a single day of the past 3 weeks…)  While a lot has happened since my last post, nothing major has changed [I’m still pregnant!].  So, here’s February in a nut shell.

I was discharged from the hospital on February 8th and sent home on strict bedrest.  My exact instructions from my doctor were: you can get up to pee & shower for 5 minutes, that’s it.  Thankfully, Kaden was with his dad when I was first admitted into the hospital and he was able to stay there for my first two days home.  After Kaden came home, Heidi stayed with us for the weekend!  Having her there to help do things for Kaden, pack, cook & clean helped so much.  I’m not very good at letting people do things for me (Zach would definitely agree with this…) so it wasn’t easy letting everyone else do so much for a couple weeks, but it was worth it to give Irelyn a little more baking time.

My uncle, cousin, my parents & sister, Zach’s dad and his sister have also been a huge help with everything going on! On February 15th I got the keys to our new 3 bedroom apartment and needed a lot of help moving.  They all spent quite a few days helping to finish the packing, carry boxes to the new place and my parents devoted an entire weekend to painting/cleaning the old apartment for me.  I can’t tell any of them how thankful I am (& Zach!) for all of their help.

Now to backtrack a little bit…I took my last dose of medication to try to prevent labor on February 19th.  Since then I have had the wonderful experience of contractions daily (this part is similar to the 4 weeks of contractions I had before I was induced with Kaden…).  At least twice a day they become pretty regular (every 3 minutes), extremely uncomfortable and incredibly annoying.  My due date got pushed back a week to March 26th, so the goal is to keep Irelyn from making her appearance until I reach 37 weeks (March 5th – only 4 more days!)  If I don’t make it to 37 weeks, the hospital won’t allow me to have a water birth.  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and found out that I am still 2cm dilated and she thinks I’ll have no problem making it another week.  My next appointment is on Tuesday morning – at this appointment we are going to discuss induction at 39 weeks so that my doctor will be available for delivery (I go to the only practice in this entire area that does water birth – so if my doctor isn’t there, I’m stuck laying in a bed when pushing time arrives). I’ll update more on that subject after Tuesday!

Kaden and I are completely settled in our new apartment and loving the size of it!  He will still be able to have his own bedroom and Irelyn will also have a room to herself.  I’ve got most of her room set up, I’m waiting until after my baby shower to finish the rest.  With the extra space, there is NO clutter!  Zach knows how big of a deal this is 🙂  It’s been great having the time to get everything organized before Irelyn decides to surprise us and I’m really looking forward to when Zach gets back so that this place will feel more like home.  The deployment seems to be going pretty fast [it’s been 2 months since he left after Christmas], but with all the exciting things happening Kaden and I both have been missing him like crazy.

Zach has been doing pretty well lately…all of the violence with the burning of the Quran over there has been scary, but all I can do is pray for his safety.  He’s been receiving lots of care packages from family & friends and should have a decent stockpile of Little Debbie’s by now!

Surprisingly, the temperature reached 66 degrees today!  Kaden told me he wants it to be like the “alllllll of the time”, except that he was worried the wind would blow him away.  To enjoy the weather, we went to his preschool registration (at our church), then played at the park and had ice cream today.  We’re going to have a “date night” this weekend and will be going to see “The Lorax” – this will be Kaden’s first experience at the movie theater!  It should be interesting…he’s completely clueless and gets so confused when I tell him how big the screen will be.

Well, that’s about all that’s happened in these last few crazy weeks…now I’ve got to get back to price matching on my grocery list for tomorrow’s shopping trip and wait one more hour to Skype with Zach before bed!  I promise to work on my procrastination from now on [or at least until Irelyn comes].


Preterm Labor & Hospital Bedrest

Apparently, the internet at the hospital blocks blogging websites [to an extent at least] and I have a total of 60 minutes of “Quota Time” that I can use in 10 minute increments to access the site.  In other words, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting on here until I’m back home [hopefully soon].

Here’s the short story:  I’ve been having braxton hicks contractions all week, some of which I could time and they’d be as close as 3 minutes apart.  Lots more back pain, pressure and just not feeling too great.  I called my doctor this morning and they wanted me to come in.  (I honestly thought that they’d either a: tell me the contractions aren’t doing anything and to come back if they got worse or b: send me home on bedrest.)  No such luck.

I’m dilated almost 1 cm and they also did a fetal fibronectin (sp? I’d look it up, but my 10 minutes is running out) – which came out positive.  This test is to detect hormones that my body releases when it’s preparing for labor, so the fact the it was positive means I’m very likely to go into labor within 2 weeks. 

I’ve had 3 4 shots of something that starts with a B (same thing at terbutaline).  It makes my heart race, hands shake, but stops the contractions for a while.  I have had one of two steriod shots to help mature Irelyn’s lungs in case she doesn’t want to wait.  I’m taking procardia every 6 hours to try to keep the contractions from changing my cervix more.  We’ll see how it goes.

So now, here I sit.  13 hours into bed rest and I could already pull my hair out.  Thankfully, my stepmom, sister & a friend came to visit and my aunt brought me stuff I needed from home [my pillow and chocolate chip cookies 🙂 ].  I’m stuck here for at least a few days (although the contractions I’ve been having 3 minutes apart for the past 10 minutes might mean I’m here longer…), but hopefully I’ll get to go home on bedrest this weekend.  I’ve still got to move to the new apartment next week and get Irelyn’s room set up!

My doctor will be in tomorrow morning, so I’m hoping I’ll find out what the plan is then…besides doing everything to keep Irelyn in for 2 more weeks.

Well…the nurse is here to give me shot #4 of the wonderful stuff that’ll make my heart race.  I’m going to have a heart-to-heart with my daughter about her plans for the next couple weeks.


UPDATE AT 2:30am:
The 4th shot of Brethine (googled it!) didn’t stop my contractions like it had been.  They were every 3 minutes for quite a while…the nurse checked me and I’m almost 2 cm now.  My procardia has been moved up to every 4 hours and I’m still getting lots of fluids.  I’m hoping Zach is able to get online sometime soon so I can give him more of an update than emails – the last time I talked to him was a couple hours after getting admitted.  Our little monster is showing how stubborn she is & we may ended up meeting her sooner than planned whether we like it or not.  On the plus side, Irelyn has been doing great through everything!  Her heartrate is perfect even through the contractions, so I’m thankful I don’t need to be worrying about her 🙂