Blogging vs. The Bachelorette

Almost one year has passed since my last post (again).  Sure makes time fly by, doesn’t it?  In all honesty, when evening arrives and all three kids are sleeping, I have two choices: relax on the couch and indulge in an entire bag of popcorn while watching The Bachelorette or blog.  Obviously, it’s pretty clear where my priorities are. 😉

Quick update of the past 10 months:

  • Camryn Elisabeth Ruth was born December 1, 2013 (10 days before her due date, just like her sister)
    I am planning on writing her water birth story sometime soon!
  • Kaden turned 5 years old and had a Hot Wheels themed party.  He also graduated preschool!
  • Irelyn turned 2 years old and had an Elmo themed party.
  • Camryn is now 6 1/2 months and we’ve started baby led weaning.  I’ll write about that later.

Besides having a new baby, life has been normal over this past year.  I’ll try to write more regularly.  Probably after this season of The Bachelorette is over.



The title says it all – it’s been 4 months & 5 days since my last post.  In that time, Zach spent 3 months training in Mississippi and California, Kaden turned 3 years old, we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, Zach came home for 10 days over the holidays and I’m now 7 months pregnant.  Since it would take me hours [that I’d rather spend sleeping] to go into detail about each thing that has happened, most of this post will be pictures of the past 4 months.

Call to Duty Ceremony:

Pictures we had taken while Zach was home in October 2011:

Kaden’s 3rd Birthday:

Kaden’s been obsessed with the Cars movies lately and after his birthday party we were able to decorate his entire room in Cars stuff.  

Random pictures from Christmas 2011:

This Christmas was definitely the best yet.  Having Zach home and watching Kaden open presents together made the past few months of missing him completely worth it.

Irelyn Kay Sully:

Update on Irelyn:  My due date is March 19, so in about 10 weeks we will get to meet her!  She already has a dresser full of clothes and will be taking over her daddy’s dresser after my baby shower…she also had a lot of fun kicking any part of Zach that touched my belly while he was home last week (probably not as much fun as he had picking on her though).  Zach won’t be home for her birth, but we will be able to Skype soon after she’s born [after she’s “all cleaned up” as Zach has told me at least 30 times].

Even though the next several months are going to be difficult for all of Zach’s family, I’m thankful that the “goodbye’s” are over and the next time we see him he will be home for good.  I definitely have plenty to keep me busy while he’s gone and as long as I can overcome my procrastination you’ll all be updated more often [with posts that at least have an equal amount of text and pictures].