Cloth Diapers

I’m adding one more item to my list of things I’ve done differently with each of my kids – cloth diapering (& while we’re at it, cloth wipes)!  I’ve done almost the complete opposite with Irelyn so far compared to Kaden and I’m becoming a different kind of mom than I ever thought I’d be.  Before having Kaden and formula feeding, using disposable diapers/wipes, working full time 5 weeks after he was born and living 3 hours away from my family…I never thought I’d be a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, stay at home mom who lives 5 minutes from my family now…but I love every bit of it! 🙂 I wouldn’t change how I have raised Kaden because it was what worked for us at the time; but I love having a husband who has made it possible for me to even have the first 4 months of Irelyn’s life at home with her and to do things the way I have.

After already going through so many boxes/packs of disposable diapers in the short 16 weeks of Irelyn’s life, we’ve decided that we can save a ton of money using cloth diapers.  We bought 19 diapers from a friend (to add to the 2 diapers Irelyn has) for a total of $78 (we’ve already spent twice that much on disposables) and since I’m at home all day anyway, a couple extra loads of laundry per week will help fill my “down” time. 🙂  Anyway, we have a variety of diapers (velcro, all in ones – which will help when we’re out, Daddy has to change her or when family is watching her), but they’ll all fit up to around 35lbs.  And if we take care of them, they’ll last through potential baby number three.  We’ll easily save thousands of dollars and cloth diapers are just too cute! (I’ll definitely be posting pictures once they’re all organized and ready to use)

I’ve become pretty addicted to my sewing machine lately and have been practicing making some pocket and fitted cloth diapers.  Today I decided that I’m going to use cloth wipes as well.  Since we’ll be tossing her diapers into the diaper pail after changing, there’s no point in having to carry a dirty wipe to the trashcan every time when we can just use cloth and throw it in with the diapers!

I found 7 baby washcloths lying around, but of course I had to sew some cute ones for her!

I found a super simple wipe solution online (1 tablespoon baby oil, 2 teaspoons baby wash, 2 1/2 cups water) and filled a squirt bottle with it.  I’m planning on making another couple dozen wipes after I find which fabric I like best.  The yellow wipes are made from an old baby towel and cotton (for looks) and the pink/zebra print are made from an old shirt of mine and cotton (for looks again!).

Sunday I’ll be buying the supplies I need to make laundry detergent for the diapers and a small trashcan to use as a diaper pail.  I’ll be posting more about our cloth diaper experience next week!  Also, within the next 14 days there will be a post all about Zach meeting Irelyn for the 1st time!!

Here’s a picture of Irelyn in one of her cloth diapers (& Sophie – which I highly recommend for teething babies) & Kaden blowing bubbles at 7am today 🙂